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One of the five basic lands, Island provides blue mana, which is required to cast blue spells.

Additionally there is a snow variant, the Snow-Covered Island.

List of Islands

In contrast to other basic lands the islands are ordered by sea or archipelago rather than continent whenever possible.

Islands of Alara


Islands of Azoria

Azoria's ocean featured desert islands until Freyalise destroyed them.

Islands of Cridhe

Cridhe itself seems to be mostly an island. There are other smaller isles though.

Islands of Dominaria

Cape of Casindral

Edemi Islands

Golthonor Sea

Jaema Sea


Spice Isles

Yulin and Equitar



  • Tolaria was known for the academy built on it.



Voda Sea

Western Sea

Islands of Kamigawa

  • Otawara, may be considered an island in the sky, rather than in the sea.


  • The most notable islands are those floating near the waterfall. Minamo was built on one of them.

Islands of Lorwyn

Lorwyn does not have any seas. Instead of islands, the Merrow Lanes supply blue mana.

Islands of Mercadia

Islands of Mirrodin

Quicksilver Sea

Islands of Ravnica

Ravnica's water supply system also provides mana.

Islands of Ulgrotha

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