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Urza's Saga has four theme decks. One is monocolored; two are bicolored; and one is tricolored.[1]

The Plague[edit | edit source]

The Plague is a white/black control combo theme deck focusing on Pestilence.

This black/white deck uses the power of Pestilence to infect your opponent with fear while leaving you unscathed.
USG The Plague.jpg
The Plague  
7 Plains
12 Swamp
3 Drifting Meadow
2 Polluted Mire

1 Blood Vassal
3 Disciple of Grace
1 Flesh Reaver
1 Sanctum Guardian
1 Silent Attendant
3 Unworthy Dead
3 Voice of Grace
3 Wall of Junk

2 Disenchant
2 Expunge
2 Humble
1 Befoul
1 Corrupt

1 Opal Acrolith
1 Pariah
4 Pestilence
2 Rune of Protection: Black
1 Sicken
1 Worship

2 Urza's Armor

The rares in this deck are Pariah and Worship.

Sleeper[edit | edit source]

Sleeper is a white weenie theme deck focusing on sleeping enchantments.

This mono white deck exploits the many sleeping enchantments in Urza's Saga that will awaken and transform into powerful creatures.
USG Sleeper.jpg
4 Drifting Meadow
18 Plains

3 Angelic Page
1 Disciple of Grace
1 Disciple of Law
1 Monk Idealist
2 Monk Realist
3 Pegasus Charger
1 Sanctum Custodian
2 Songstitcher
1 Voice of Grace

2 Clear
1 Disenchant
2 Humble
1 Waylay
4 Brilliant Halo
2 Opal Caryatid
3 Opal Gargoyle
1 Opal Titan
2 Pacifism
1 Serra's Embrace

1 Barrin's Codex
2 Dragon Blood
1 Endoskeleton

The rares in this deck are Barrin's Codex and Opal Titan.

Special Delivery[edit | edit source]

Special Delivery is an aggro red/green theme deck focusing on echo.

This red/green deck makes effective use of cheap creatures with echo to deliver the damage to your opponent early and often.
USG Special Delivery.jpg
Special Delivery  
10 Forest
11 Mountain
2 Slippery Karst
2 Smoldering Crater

2 Acridian
1 Anaconda
1 Argothian Wurm
1 Bull Hippo
2 Cradle Guard
2 Goblin Patrol
2 Goblin War Buggy
1 Pouncing Jaguar
2 Shivan Raptor
2 Thundering Giant
3 Wild Dogs
1 Heat Ray
1 Scrap
1 Shower of Sparks
1 Symbiosis

3 Arc Lightning
1 Hush
1 Jagged Lightning
1 Wildfire

1 Fiery Mantle
1 Hidden Ancients
1 Hidden Spider
1 Shiv's Embrace
1 Torch Song

1 Thran Turbine

The rares in this deck are Argothian Wurm and Wildfire.

Tombstone[edit | edit source]

For the icon and part of a Magic card, see Tombstone icon.

Tombstone is a blue/black/white theme deck focusing on cycling and reanimation.

Blue/black/white is a powerful combination in this reanimator deck. Cycling allows you to get the cards you need when you need them.
USG Tombstone.jpg
9 Island
3 Plains
9 Swamp
2 Drifting Meadow
2 Polluted Mire
2 Remote Isle

1 Abyssal Horror
3 Pendrell Drake
1 Phyrexian Ghoul
1 Sandbar Merfolk
3 Sandbar Serpent
1 Somnophore
1 Stern Proctor
1 Wizard Mentor
2 Catalog
3 Disenchant
1 Expunge
2 Humble
2 Power Sink
1 Rescind
1 Turnabout

1 Exhume
2 Victimize

1 Confiscate
1 Despondency
3 Diabolic Servitude
1 Sicken

The rares in this deck are Abyssal Horror and Somnophore.

References[edit | edit source]

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