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Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime unknown
Race Dragon Planeswalker
Sources Enter the Eldrazi, Part 3,

Ugin was a spirit dragon from Tarkir with a deep understanding of colorless magic, like the breath of Ugin, an invisible flame he is known for.


Ugin was the mastermind of the trio of planeswalkers, including Sorin Markov and Nahiri, that lured the Eldrazi to Zendikar to imprison them within the Eye of Ugin.[1] Over the course of 40 years, the planeswalkers prepared Ugin's plans, creating a massive network of stones known as hedrons, powered by leylines and coded by draconic runes.[2] When the Eldrazi finally arrived on Zendikar, Ugin's part was to combat the Eldrazi with his own colorless magic, the magical key to unlocking the Eye.[3]

Ages after the Eldrazi were sealed, another conflict would find the spirit dragon. The elder dragon Nicol Bolas sought Ugin out on the plane of Tarkir and killed him. During the fight, the other dragon dug deep into Ugin's mind for information about the Eldrazi and their prison. In spite of this mental violation, Ugin was apparently able to withhold certain information about the full extent required to release the Eldrazi.

However dead, the dragon had not departed, and seemed to haunt Sarkhan Vol, plagued by whispers in his head. [4]

Breath of Ugin[edit]

The Breath of Ugin, also known as the Ghostfire, is an invisible colorless flame. It was used by Ugin against the Eldrazi and, along with the presence of three planeswalkers, it is the key to activating the Eye of Ugin.[5]

The spell was recorded on the Dragon Scroll that Chandra Nalaar stole from the Sanctum of Stars on Kephalai.

Future Sight[edit]

Matt Cavotta wrote a short story entitled "How Many Eyes?" inspired by Ghostfire, in which Ugin emerges from a time rift, implying this character's alternate reality origin.[6] It is doubtful this story has any real bearing upon Ugin's true appearance as this was written some time before the Eldrazi plotline had been created.

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