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A "psychographic profile" is a "psychological profile" (of a Magic: The Gathering player) or a "player type".

Invention[edit | edit source] columnist and Head Designer Mark Rosewater wrote of psychographic profiles:

After numerous years, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are three basic types of Magic players. The fancy term for these categories is "psychographic profiles." A psychographic profile separates players into categories based on their psychological make-up. What motivates that player to play? What kind of cards do they like? What kind of things encourages that player to keep on playing?[1]

Expansions are designed with cards that appeal to players of all profiles, and Wizards of the Coast categorizes its Magic consumers into three psychographic profiles: Johnny, Timmy, and Spike. [2] Melvin and Vorthos were a later addition as secondary profiles.[3]

In March 2015, Rosewater decided to create female versions to list along with the male versions to convey that these psychographic profiles apply to everyone. [4] Thus, Jenny,Tammy and Mel came into use. Rosewater considered Spike (being a nickname) and Vorthos (as it’s made up) to be unisex.

Types[edit | edit source]

Johnny/Jenny[edit | edit source]

Johnny/Jenny is characterized by his/her tendency to build complex and creative decks. [5] [6] He is most commonly known as a 'combo player'.

Mark Rosewater wrote of Johnny:

Johnny is the creative gamer to whom Magic is a form of self-expression. Johnny likes to win, but he wants to win with style. It’s very important to Johnny that he win on his own terms. As such, it's important to Johnny that he's using his own deck. Playing Magic is an opportunity for Johnny to show off his creativity.

The 'Johnny/Jenny' profile was represented in the Unhinged card Johnny, Combo Player.

Timmy/Tammy[edit | edit source]

Timmy/Tammy is characterized by his/her tendency to use big creatures and cast big spells. [7] [8] [9] Large, exciting plays motivate Timmy.

Mark Rosewater wrote of Timmy:

Timmy wants to experience something. Timmy plays Magic because he enjoys the feeling he gets when he plays. What that feeling is will vary from Timmy to Timmy, but what all Timmies have in common is that they enjoy the visceral experience of playing.

The 'Timmy/Tammy' profile was represented in the Unglued card Timmy, Power Gamer.

Spike[edit | edit source]

For the Spike creature type, see Spikes.

Spike is characterized by his/her competitive nature. Mark Rosewater wrote of Spike:

Spike is the competitive player. Spike plays to win. Spike enjoys winning. [10] [11] To accomplish this, Spike will play whatever the best deck is. Spike will copy decks off the Internet. Spike will borrow other players' decks. To Spike, the thrill of Magic is the adrenaline rush of competition. Spike enjoys the stimulation of outplaying the opponent and the glory of victory.

Melvin/Mel[edit | edit source]

Melvin/Mel is a pseudo-"psychographic profile", or player type, referring to Magic players who appreciate cards with delicate and interesting interactions, as well as strong mechanics. [12]

Examples of cards that a Melvin might like include Firemaw Kavu and Stuffy Doll from the Time Spiral expansion.

Vorthos[edit | edit source]

Vorthos Axis.jpg

Vorthos is a player type. It is not exactly a "psychographic profile", as such, as the Vorthos player type is about appreciation, not motivation to win. [13] [14] If Johnny, Timmy, and Spike are on a triangle of an x, y axis, Vorthos and Melvin would be on a z axis.

Vorthos' concerns are mostly one of flavor and creative consistency. [15]

The creative team, and those who oversee all things Vorthos are as follows:

Additional Vorthos Content[edit | edit source]

A third-party site, GatheringMagic, ushered in a day of columnists, now only Ant Tessitore, and Mike Linnemann, to coincide with the Savor the Flavor articles on They write about continuity, art, flavor and all things that Vorthos would appreciate. Ant and Mike also have a bi-weekly podcast called Snack Time with Mike and Ant, a reference to Matt Cavotta's article Snack Time with Vorthos where he first introduced the idea of a Vorthos psychographic. On the podcast, Mike and Ant discuss a large range of Vorthos-related topics.

In 2015 Ant Tessitore wrote an article titled "Vorthos 2015" in which he provided an updated view of how one could consider themselves a Vorthos. In the article Ant divided Vorthos into five categories based on what the individual appreciates about Magic: the Gathering.

The Gamer appreciates top down resonance and in-game flavor

The Artist appreciates all visual aspects of Magic

The Writer appreciates all written copy for Magic

The Oracle appreciates real world to fantasy world blending via things like cosplay.

The Dreamer appreciates anything contributing to the lore of Magic

For the article Ant also commissioned artist Sam Keiser to paint an updated unisex image of Vorthos.

OMA[edit | edit source]

A site dedicated to showcasing original magic art, [] is a haven for vorthoses to show their collections. It currently is only an online gallery, with members discussing the art on []'s forums.

MTG Art Exchance[edit | edit source]

A Facebook group emerged for the art collectors of Magic to show their works and sell related works.

An imagining by the Magic Creative Team depicting Vorthos.
An unused conception image of Vorthos.

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