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The Legacy. Art by Terese Nielsen.
The Legacy was a collection of artifacts assembled by Urza, that evolved work in conjunction to defeat his mortal enemy, Yawgmoth. In preparation for the inevitable Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, Urza devised a stratagem to create a champion; Urza's Legacy is more than a collection of artifacts. It is a construct of thought given purpose. During the story of the Weatherlight crew, it becomes evident that there is some magical force guiding the assembly of the Legacy. It evolves, incorporating artifacts and beings not originally intended as part of its design. In this way, the Legacy represented an intangible but undeniable guiding force; a fate constructed through artifice.

The complete list of artifacts and beings known to be contained in the Legacy is as follows: [1]


Legacy Weapon[edit]

Legacy Weapon (initially printed in Apocalypse, later reprinted in 10th Edition) is a card representation of the Legacy. It costs Mana7.gif, and has two abilities: one, an activated one, can remove a permanent from the game; the other, a replacement ability, prevents it from being put into a graveyard from anywhere. [2] [3]

Part of the Legacy is also seen on Treasure Trove [4]


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