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Taplands is the nickname for lands that produce multiple colors of mana and generally enter the battlefield tapped during some point in the game and have no additional drawbacks, though mechanics to have these lands enter the battlefield untapped may be present. This is the most common drawback given to lands, thus a multitude of cycles of such lands was created over the course of several years. Strangely enough however, such lands were considered "too good" for a long time, until Randy Buehler suggested them during one of his first development meetings for Invasion after joining R&D.[1]

Taplands[edit | edit source]

The very first cycle of taplands was an enemy-colored cycle of lands that appeared in Tempest, which have an additional drawback of 1 damage and thus may also be categorized as Painlands as well as taplands. [2]

The following is a list of cycles and individual cards considered true taplands.

The first allied-color cycle of this kind appeared in Invasion and was promptly named for their drawback of coming into play tapped. [1] These lands were reprinted in 8th Edition.

In Onslaught, a tapland that could produce mana of any color was also printed.

Shock lands[edit | edit source]

Another cycle which functions similar was released over the course of Ravnica block. However, these lands were also Dual lands with basic land types and had the option to come into play untapped if their controller paid 2 life. Colloquially they are often referred to as Shock lands. Rather than five lands, this mega cycle included ten cards, one for each color pair.

This cycle was later reprinted in Return to Ravnica block.

Snow taplands[edit | edit source]

A second allied-color cycle of straight-up taplands was added in Coldsnap; these are snow lands as well, and their mana can be considered snow mana.

Tribal taplands[edit | edit source]

In Lorwyn block a loose array of lands was produced which came into the battlefield tapped unless its controller revealed a creature card of a certain creature type from hand. These lands do not follow a strict color cycle like other taplands do - instead, they match the colours in which each tribe appeared.

The Elementals in Lorwyn were divided into Flamekin (mono-red) and "greater elementals" (all five colours). The Morningtide Elemental land, Primal Beyond, was associated with the greater elementals and all five colours. Commander 2014 included a ninth tribal land associated with the flamekin and red mana, Flamekin Village (Manar.gif, Elemental).

Shard taplands[edit | edit source]

With Shards of Alara came a third cycle of Taplands, triple lands which produce A; B; or C, where A and C are allied colors to B.

Check lands[edit | edit source]

Magic 2010 includes ally color check lands, which come into play untapped if the player controls a land with one of the corresponding basic land types. Subsequently reprinted in Magic 2011, Magic 2012 and Magic 2013.

Innistrad later introduced the cycle of enemy-colored checklands.

Life-gain taplands[edit | edit source]

Zendikar includes taplands that have the upside of providing 1 life when entering the battlefield.

In Khans of Tarkir the above cycle was functionally reprinted and expanded to ten lands.[3]

In Fate Reforged the above cycle was reprinted with new artwork. [4]

Tapped manlands[edit | edit source]

Worldwake includes taplands that also have the capacity to become creatures.

Battle for Zendikar block introduced another cycle of dual-colored manlands.

Scars of Mirrodin taplands[edit | edit source]

Scars of Mirrodin introduced another cycle of taplands (scar lands), which come into play tapped unless the player controls two or fewer other lands. [5]

Guildgate taplands[edit | edit source]

Return to Ravnica block included a new cycle of taplands, one for each guild colors combination. Those new dual lands function like the Invasion taplands, except the addition of the Gate subtype on them which is also included in some cards of the block for additional effects. Rather than five lands, this mega cycle included ten cards. [6]

Scry lands[edit | edit source]

Theros block included a new cycle of taplands, with the added benefit of letting the player Scry 1 when they enter the battlefield. The five lands in Theros share their colors with the Gatecrash guilds, with the three remaining allied lands appearing in Born of the Gods and the two remaining enemy lands appearing in Journey into Nyx. [7]

Clan lands[edit | edit source]

Khans of Tarkir introduces a cycle of wedge-colored taplands, each associated with the corresponding clan:

Battle lands[edit | edit source]

Battle for Zendikar introduces another cycle of dual-colored taplands , referred to as the battle lands, which come into play tapped unless the player controls two or more basic lands, and are also Dual lands with basic land types:

References[edit | edit source]

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