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Birthplace Oboro, Kamigawa
Lifetime Unknown
Race Soratami planeswalker
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Tamiyo is a blue-aligned Soratami planeswalker from Kamigawa.

Character[edit | edit source]

Tamiyo is a truth-seeker. She aims to understand and seeks truth and records that truth for all time. She is reluctant to interfere. [1]

When the field scholar's spark ignited, the secrets the Multiverse offered were a greater dream than any she had ever had. Each plane seemed to be an unexplored trove of knowledge to be brought back to the great scroll-towers of Oboro. For Tamiyo, every plane holds a mystery that makes it unique, and she spends a great deal of time studying whatever she can. However, in the end she always returns to her loved family in Otawara. [1]

History[edit | edit source]

Innistrad[edit | edit source]

On Innistrad she found the mystery of the great silver moon that hung in the sky. Tamiyo observed Innistrad for many cycles, using her powers as a Planeswalker to gain insight into the forces the moon exerted on the world below. She watched with rapt attention how the moon affected the werewolves and vampires on Innistrad, and she wrote extensive notes on the ebb and flow of violent frenzies in relation to the moon's influence. Her curiosity eventually led her to the door of the famed Nephalian astronomancer Jenrik. Tamiyo spent months in his moonstone tower poring over countless charts, adding her own observations to his collection about the odd power the moon holds over the denizens and populace of this plane.

When Avacyn was freed from the Helvault Tamiyo excitedly began writing theories about the angel's influence on the land, its creatures, and the moon. The nature of the Helvault, the creation of the wolfir, the reappearance of the gryffs, and the origins of the newly empowered holy wards have been filling her scrolls with further questions.

After Avacyn went mad through Nahiri's machinations, Tamiyo started to investigate this new phenomenon. Again she only wanted to understand and didn't want to destroy Avacyn, because the angel warded the entire plane against unknown evils. However, Jace Beleren persuaded her to face Avacyn together. [1] When they confronted Avacyn, they almost lost their fight. In the end, Sorin Markov showed up and destroyed his creation himself. [2] After the last protection of Innistrad had vanished, Jace and Tamiyo witnessed the arrival of the third Eldrazi titan, Emrakul. Jace immediately went to fetch the Gatewatch. [3]

Tamiyo's stories[edit | edit source]

Tamiyo travels through the multiverse collecting stories. She uses these stories for as catalyst for her magic.[1]

  • He Who Frightens the Sun - A story about greed. Origin: Kamigawa
  • Original - From the creation of the autonomous Myr. Origin: Mirrodin
  • Winter's Howl - About a woman losing her husband to the cold. Origin: An ancient world

Among these stories three are kept in iron bands. She promised to never open them again. One of these stories describes the destruction of Serra's Realm.

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References[edit | edit source]

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