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For the Magic: The Gathering expansion, see Stronghold.
The Stronghold as seen from without. Art by Jeff Miracola.
The Stronghold as seen from below. Art by Kev Walker.
The Stronghold's ruins. Art by John Avon.

The Stronghold was the central seat of power for the evincar of Rath. It was located inside a volcano, above the City of Traitors. It could be reached via a treacherous route through the Death Pits, the Furnace of Rath and Volrath's Gardens.

The Stronghold served a dual purpose: Firstly as the main Phyrexian military base on Rath, and secondly as the center of production of flowstone, the nano-robotic "metal" that was essential for building up the mass of Rath to enable the Rathi Overlay of Dominaria. For the people of Rath, the Stronghold was a symbol of their oppression and the iron will of their Phyrexian overlords.

The Stronghold was partitioned into a number of different areas. It contained the moorings for the skyship Predator, housing warrens for its large contingent of mogg troops, quarters for its human soldiers, private chambers for the evincar (such as the Dream Halls and the map room), the reactor core that constantly poured out flowstone, and a network of dungeons and torture chambers where prisoners were experimented upon and turned into monstrosities. The crater beneath the Stronghold housed the City of Traitors, and was home to the il-Kor, il-Vec, and il-Dal.

When the final stage of the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria neared completion, the Stronghold was the prison of Captain Sisay and later other members of the Weatherlight crew. Although they were eventually freed, the crew lost Mirri, Ertai, and Crovax; suffered severe damage to the Weatherlight; and left Karn, Tahngarth, and Sisay deeply affected by their experiences there. Despite various incursions by rebel forces led by Eladamri and Liin Sivi, the disappearance of evincar Volrath, the subsequent dispute over his successor, and the attempted sabotage of the reactor by Belbe, the Stronghold remained firmly in control of Rath until its overlay with Dominaria.

Following the overlay, the Stronghold was placed precariously within a dormant volcano in Urborg. The number of troops stationed within the Stonghold reinforced the Phryrexian advance troops already there, and enabled the Phyrexians to gain a dominant position in the region, serving as their central command headquarters. It took a combination of Yavimayan, Metathran, Keldon, elvish, and Talruum forces to successfully besiege the base.

The Stronghold was ultimately destroyed by the stone dwarves, who used their magic to cause the previously dormant volcano to erupt and consume the fortress with lava. However, the Stronghold's final purpose had already been achieved: The planar portal within its throne room had allowed Yawgmoth to enter Dominaria personally.

After the Invasion, from the ruins of the Stronghold emerged the Weaver King, a once-human shadow creature who toyed with minds of Urborg's people.

Map of the Citadel[edit | edit source]

Citadel Map taken from "Nemesis" by Paul B. Thompson.

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