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Snow mana symbol

Snow is a supertype that is found on Basic lands in Ice Age, and many cards in Coldsnap. Unlike other supertypes, Snow has no rules baggage; does not have an associated state-based effect, nor does it introduce a deck-building rule. Instead, some cards will give or gain benefits from the amount of Snow permanents you control. [1] [2]

Mana produced by a snow permanent is called snow mana. Snow mana may be spent as normal mana, but can also satisfy costs expressed by the mana symbol Manas.gif.

From the Comprehensive Rules (Magic Origins (July 17, 2015))

107.4h The snow mana symbol {S} represents one generic mana in a cost. This generic mana can be paid with one mana of any type produced by a snow permanent (see rule 205.4f). Effects that reduce the amount of generic mana you pay don’t affect {S} costs. (There is no such thing as “snow mana”; “snow” is not a type of mana.)

From the Comprehensive Rules (Magic Origins (July 17, 2015))

205.4f Any permanent with the supertype “snow” is a snow permanent. Any permanent that doesn’t have this supertype is a nonsnow permanent, regardless of its name.

Snow is a replacement for the supertype "Snow-Covered", which is itself a replacement for the static ability with the same name. Cards that were formerly snow-covered received Oracle updates upon the release of the Coldsnap expansion set. [3]

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Groups Supertypes Card types Subtypes
Instant FUT Instant symbol.png Trap Arcane
Sorcery FUT Sorcery symbol.png
Permanent Basic,
Artifact FUT Artifact symbol.png Equipment, Fortification, Contraption
Creature FUT Creature symbol.png (…)
Enchantment FUT Enchantment symbol.png Aura, Curse, Shrine
Land FUT Land symbol.png (…)
Planeswalker FUT Planeswalker symbol.png (…)
Miscellaneous Tribal (…)
Plane (…)
Ongoing Scheme
Obsolete Mono,
Mana Source,