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Priceless Treasures refers to a set of Vintage legal cards which were inserted randomly into Zendikar boosters to go with the theme of the set emphasizing adventure and treasure-hunting. The cards do not violate the Reserved List policy as they are already existing copies of the cards but are only redistributed, however, some cards do not appear on the Reserved list. Some of the cards inserted are signed. While the cards appear in the Boosters, they are not legal in limited, Standard or Extended due to this inclusion. Many of the cards fetch very high prices on the secondary market.[1]

List of cards reported[edit]

The following cards have been reported to have been found in Zendikar boosters.[2]

Power Nine[edit]

Dual lands[edit]

Other reserved cards[edit]

Unreserved Cards[edit]

These cards were found in boosters, but are not on the Reserved List.


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