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Pauper format is a Constructed format of Magic: The Gathering in which only common cards are allowed. The restriction to common cards found in Pauper format can easily be combined with other formats, such as Two-Headed Giant, Modern, or Block Constructed.

Pauper Magic is often confused with Peasant Magic, which allows up to five cards of uncommon rarity to be included in each player's library.


[edit] Banned & Restricted

At the moment (27th September 2013) seven cards are banned in the Pauper tournaments:

No cards are restricted in Pauper tournaments

[edit] History

On MTGO, one active community of players of Pauper Magic comprise the Pauper Deck Challenge or PDC. Their combined chat room is PDC, and is a central meeting spot for the format.

[edit] Current Pauper Events

  • QPDC, Monday Nights, Classic
  • TPDC, Tuesday Nights, Classic
  • SPDC, Thursday Nights, Standard
  • Mini-PDC, Saturday Mornings, Classic
  • Euro-PDC, Saturday Afternoons, Classic
  • 4PDC, Saturday Mornings, Standard

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