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Pain lands is the term that refers to the lands first printed in Ice Age and Apocalypse that provide two different colors of mana. You take a point of "pain" damage every time you tap them for a color. They can also be tapped for colorless mana without taking damage.

Ice Age/Apocalypse pain lands[edit | edit source]

The lands providing allied colors were printed originally in Ice Age, those providing enemy colors in Apocalypse. The former were reprinted in 5th Edition, 6th Edition, and 7th Edition, the latter in Magic 2015 and Magic Origins. The complete cycle of ten lands were reprinted in 9th Edition and 10th Edition.

Tempest pain lands[edit | edit source]

There is a cycle of five lesser-known pain lands from Tempest. These come into play tapped.

Mirrodin talismans[edit | edit source]

In Mirrodin, five artifacts were printed that resemble the original pain lands from Ice Age. They are:

Odyssey pain lands[edit | edit source]

Odyssey had a cycle of monocolored pain lands with a threshold ability. They can only be used for their colored mana or be sacrficed for their threshold effect.

Other pain lands[edit | edit source]

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