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Moonfolk is blue creature type which originates in the Kamigawa block. The Moonfolk or Soratami are an enigmatic race of humanoid beings who dwell in Kamigawa's clouds. Physically, they are slim, posses blue-gray skin, and have long ears which they wrap over their heads. [1]

The Moonfolk live within floating palaces, of which their greatest structure on the clouds is a palace named Oboro (or Otawara). They watch over the world below, mostly indifferent to the concerns of the surface folk. They have a high emphasis on the study of magic and have some of the most learned mages on the plane.

Notable soratami[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Whereas Westerners see a man's face on the moon, the Japanese see a rabbit -- the tsuki-usagi, or moon-hare. The moonfolk were concepted by Japanese artist Ittoku, who introduced the subtle rabbit-like elements (white hair, long ears, and so on). [2] The idea of the moonfolk came from a famous Japanese folktale about the mythical Lady Kaguya. [3]
  • The planeswalker Tamiyo is the only Moonfolk to have appeared outside of the Kamigawa block. [4]

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