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Mana cost, formerly known as casting cost, is the mana payment required to play a spell.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mana cost is found in the upper-right corner of a Magic card and is a characteristic of that card. Unlike converted mana cost, mana cost includes the colored mana symbols. Cards such as Charmed Pendant reference mana cost. Although cards like Fist of Suns change the amount and type of mana required to play a spell, they cannot change the mana cost.

Representation[edit | edit source]

The colored mana costs are specifically represented by Manaw.gif, Manau.gif, Manab.gif, Manar.gif, and Manag.gif. They can also be generically represented as C, CD, CDE, or CDEF. These generic representations are useful when discussing cards or cycles in different colors that have similar mana costs.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Rules[edit | edit source]

From the Comprehensive Rules

  • 104.3. The mana symbols are Manaw.gif, Manau.gif, Manab.gif, Manar.gif, Manag.gif, and Manax.gif; the numerals Mana0.gif, Mana1.gif, Mana2.gif, Mana3.gif, Mana4.gif, and so on; the hybrid symbols Manauw.gif, Manawb.gif, Manaub.gif, Manaur.gif, Manarb.gif, Managb.gif, Managr.gif, Manarw.gif, Manawg.gif, and Manaug.gif; and the snow symbol Manas.gif.
    • 104.3a Each of the colored mana symbols represents one colored mana: Manaw.gif is white, Manau.gif blue, Manab.gif black, Manar.gif red, and Manag.gif green.
    • 104.3b Numeral symbols (such as Mana1.gif) are generic mana costs and represent an amount of mana that can be paid with any color of, or colorless, mana.
    • 104.3c The symbol Manax.gif represents an unspecified amount of mana; when playing a spell or activated ability with Manax.gif in its cost, its controller decides the value of that variable.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The mana cost symbols Manay.gif and Manaz.gif are obsolete.

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