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The Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame consists of an online museum and the Pro Tour Hall of Fame Exhibit which makes appearances at events such as Magic World Championships. The Hall honors Magic: The Gathering's "significant and influential competitors". The Hall opened in 2005. [1] [2]

Eligibility[edit | edit source]

To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, a player must have at least 150 lifetime Pro Points (prior to 2013, only 100 pro point is needed), must have participated in their first Pro Tour event (including Worlds) at least 10 seasons before the current voting year, and must not be currently suspended by the DCI.

Selection process[edit | edit source]

Each year, eligible players are selected for the Hall of Fame through voting by the Selection Committee and the Players Committee. For the first three ballots it was mandated that five players would get in during each of those years. Starting 2008 the balloting was changed so that only players who appeared on 40% of the ballots would be inducted—or failing any hitting that total, the top vote getter. This could mean as few as one player could get inducted but it could also be a number in excess of five.

The Selection Committee consists of approximately 85 people selected each year by Wizards of the Coast. The members include a variety of people who have been involved with Pro Tour, high-level DCI Judges, and existing members of the Hall of Fame. Their votes account for 67% of the total votes.

The Players Committee consists of all players with at least 100 lifetime Pro Points who are not on the Selection Committee or currently suspended by the DCI. Their votes make up the other 33% of the total votes.

Many members of the Selection Committee chose to publicly discuss their voting choices.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Being elected to the Hall of Fame has several benefits in addition to the recognition, which includes having a Pro Player Card.

Each year at Magic World Championships, a ceremony is held to award Hall of Fame rings to that year's inductees.

Additionally, all members of the Hall of Fame are granted a permanent Pro Players Club qualification. As of 2011 season it was no lower than Level 5. Since 2012 it was changed into a unique category, which the benefits in this category is about somewhere between Gold and Platium(highest) ranked players:

  • 3 byes in all Grand Prixes with free Sleep-in Special
  • Automatic invitation to World Magic Cup Qualifiers and Pro Tours
  • Appearance Fees in Pro Tour and World Magic Cup

Inductees[edit | edit source]

Class of 2005: [3] [4] Class of 2006: [5] Class of 2007: [6] Class of 2008: Class of 2009:
Class of 2010: Class of 2011: Class of 2012: Class of 2013: [7] Class of 2014: [8]

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Although Mike Long has been eligible since the first year of the Hall of Fame (2005), he has not yet been inducted. Though he has the necessary statistical credentials and has garnered some votes both years he has so far not been voted in. Mark Rosewater is among those who have voted and argued for his induction. [9] However, his alleged cheating and his less than admirable reputation have repeatedly prevented his induction.

In 2010, Tomoharu Saito was voted into the Hall of Fame, but was suspended from the game before the induction ceremony, and was therefore made ineligible for inclusion.

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