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The Magic Player Rewards program was set up by Wizards of the Coast to promote play in DCI tournaments. It replaced the Legend Membership Program.[1] Promotional cards were sent to eligible players based on the number of DCI-sanctioned tournaments in which they participated.

The first phase of the program, two tokens were earned for every five tournaments in which enrolled members participated. It is important to note that at the time, official tokens were not widely available and had only been included in booster packs of Unglued. Special foil or alternate art cards were awarded for participation in twenty events.

The next phase of the program replaced the tokens with textless, extended or alternate art premium cards. The reward for participation in twenty events remained normal format (not textless) until 2007, when those too became textless and foil.

On November 15th, 2010, Wizards of the Coast discontinued the Magic Player Rewards program. The last set of rewards were the December 2010 mailing[2].

A list of past player rewards promos is below. The first entry in each year is the reward for participating in twenty events, the rest that follow are the rewards for participation in five events.

[edit] 2001

  • Wasteland (foil)
  • Bird Token
  • Elephant Token
  • Goblin Soldier Token
  • Saproling Token
  • Spirit Token
  • Bear Token
  • Beast Token

[edit] 2002

  • Wasteland (foil)
  • Crusade (foil - Junior Super Series version, used as a replacement during late 2002 after the supply of Wastelands was depleted)[3]
  • Elephant Token
  • Squirrel Token
  • Wurm Token
  • Zombie Token
  • Dragon Token
  • Soldier Token

[edit] 2003

  • Voidmage Prodigy (alternate art)
  • Insect Token
  • Sliver Token
  • Bear Token
  • Goblin Token
  • Demon Token
  • Rukh Token

[edit] 2004

  • Powder Keg (foil)
  • Angel Token
  • Pentavite Token
  • Beast Token
  • Myr Token
  • Spirit Token

[edit] 2005

[edit] 2006


[edit] 2007

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[edit] 2009

[edit] 2010

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