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The Manual of Style is a style guide for MTG Salvation Wiki and serves to standardize articles and other pages, with consistent and clear language, layout, and formatting, as much as practical, thereby improving article readability and, broadly, site quality.

Basics[edit source]

American English[edit source]

AE is preferred, since Wizards is a U.S.-based company.

Article titles[edit source]

The title should be the subject of the first sentence of the article (and rather at its beginning than at the end). On first reference within the article, the title should be in bold, achieved by adding three apostrophes before and after the text: '''Article title''' gives Article title.

Casing[edit source]

Normal English orthography applies here, unless an expression is used as a proper noun in Magic.

Due to technical reasons, page titles begin with a capital letter. In cases where this is inappropriate (e.g., put {{DISPLAYTITLE:lowercase title here}} at the top of the page.

Categories[edit source]

Place category tags at the bottom of the page in alphabetical order. Capitalize the "Category:" part of the wikilink (e.g. [[Category:Examples]] rather than [[category:Examples]]).

Magic & Magic: The Gathering[edit source]

Capitalize each word of both the short and long form The short and long forms of the game title are both proper nouns. All words in each version of the name are capitalized on every reference.

Magic slang[edit source]

Don't capitalize slang expressions, except parts of slang that refer to a card or other proper noun (e.g. Wrath effect and Shock lands).

Linking plural nouns[edit source]

When linking a plural noun, link only the singular form of the noun and leave the plural suffix outside the wiki link. For example, [[interrupt]]s is preferable to [[interrupts]] or the even more complex [[interrupt|interrupts]].

Person[edit source]

Indefinite third-person ("one") is preferred. Avoid second-person ("you") whenever possible. First-person ("I", "our") in reference to the editor(s) of an article should never be used.

Redirects[edit source]

Redirects are meant for:

Common typos should NOT be created as redirects. First, this encourages people to make the same mistake again, and second, we would get a dozen of redirects in some cases.

Section headings[edit source]

Section headings are created by adding == before and after the text. No other emphasis is needed. Capitalize only the first word, and any proper nouns in the section heading, leaving all other words in lowercase. Also please do not make headings questions or long sentences.

Avoid first level headings (i.e. =Section=), since they appear at the same size as the title of the article.

Special characters[edit source]

Use the correct spelling ("Æther", not "AEther"). If the letter in question is not found on your keyboard, copy & paste from the Help:Cheatsheet or ask for help.

Expansions and sets[edit source]

Use {{subst:ExpansionDummy}} in a page to create a framework from which to build.

Card tags[edit source]

See also Help:Card tags.

Follow capitalization on the card. Also use the wiki card tag template for card names: <c>Dark Ritual</c> gives Dark Ritual.

Deck tags[edit source]

See also Help:Deck tags.

Within deck tags, add the appropriate card types and alphabetize cards within their card type. Card types should be in the following order, if found in that deck:

  1. Lands - This shows what colors the deck are right away.
  2. Creatures
  3. Planeswalkers
  4. Artifacts - Theses remaining are types by alphabetical order.
  5. Enchantments
  6. Instants
  7. Sorceries
  8. Sideboard - Last, but certainly not least of any deck.

All cards should be alphabetical within each section. The sideboard is automatically seperated from the main deck.

<d title=Rats>
20 Swamp

36 Relentless Rats

4 Æther Vial

15 Relentless Rats
20 Swamp

36 Relentless Rats
4 Æther Vial
15 Relentless Rats

Keywords vs. ability words[edit source]

Ability words should always be italicized in running text (Gotcha! is an exception). Keywords should never be italicized to avoid any confusion.

Set and block names[edit source]

Set names should be italicized in running text, e.g. Shadowmoor. The set name should not be italicized when referring to a block, e.g. Shadowmoor block.

"Block" should only be capitalized when referring to a Block Constructed format ("Shadowmoor Block" vs. "Shadowmoor block").

Tournament formats[edit source]

The "Type" designations have been deprecated by Wizards years ago and should not be used outside of a single reference in the main article for each format. The correct constructed tournament format names are:

Storyline[edit source]

See also MTG Salvation Wiki:Storylines.

Book titles[edit source]

Book titles should be presented in italics, achieved by putting two apostrophes before and after the title: ''Brothers' War'' gives Brothers' War.

Categories[edit source]

Categories should be sorted like this:

  • Storyline stub
  • Storylines
    • Publications
    • Affiliations
      • Guilds (of Ravnica)
    • Artifacts (only non-sentient)
    • Characters
      • Planeswalkers
    • Events
      • Wars
    • Locations
      • Planes
    • Spells and Magics
    • Species and Races
      • Creature types
  • Setting, e.g. Weatherlight Saga

Epithets[edit source]

Epithets should not be part of an article name, since that makes searching and linking more difficult. They should appear in the character box though.

ISBN[edit source]

ISBN-13 is preferred. For older books, use the ISBN-13 Online Converter.