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The Manual of Style is a style guide for MTG Salvation Wiki and serves to standardize articles and other pages, with consistent and clear language, layout, and formatting, as much as practical, thereby improving article readability and, broadly, site quality.

In essence MTG Salvation follows the Wikipedia:Manual of Style. However this wiki has a few specialties which will be laid out in the next sections.

American English[edit source]

American English is preferred, since Wizards is a U.S.-based company.

Utilizing Italics[edit source]

Magic Products[edit source]

Magic, Magic: The Gathering as well as all related products are written in Italics.

Innistrad refers to the set, but Innistrad refers to the plane of the same name.

Note that the Innistrad block would not be capitalized, since it is not a magic product.

Ability Words[edit source]

Ability words should always be italicized in running text (Gotcha! is an exception). Keywords should never be italicized to avoid any confusion.

Epithets[edit source]

Epithets should not be part of an article name or the character infobox, since characters can be represented by multiple cards with different epithets and it makes searching and linking more difficult.

Special Tools for Editors[edit source]

See also Help:Cheatsheet.

The Cheatsheet provides an overview how to display mana symbols ({W}{U}{B}{R}{G}), link card or decks and how to display foreign characters.

Card tags[edit source]

See also Help:Card tags.

Follow capitalization on the card. Also use the wiki card tag template for card names: <c>Dark Ritual</c> gives Dark Ritual.

Deck tags[edit source]

See also Help:Deck tags.

Within deck tags, add the appropriate card types and alphabetize cards within their card type. Card types should be in the following order, if found in that deck:

  1. Lands - This shows what colors the deck are right away.
  2. Creatures
  3. Planeswalkers
  4. Artifacts - Theses remaining are types by alphabetical order.
  5. Enchantments
  6. Instants
  7. Sorceries
  8. Sideboard - Last, but certainly not least of any deck.

All cards should be alphabetical within each section. The sideboard is automatically seperated from the main deck.

<d title=Rats>

20 Swamp

36 Relentless Rats

4 Aether Vial

15 Relentless Rats

20 Swamp

36 Relentless Rats
4 Aether Vial
15 Relentless Rats

New Sets[edit source]

Use {{subst:ExpansionDummy}} to start a page of a new expansion.

ISBN[edit source]

ISBN-13 is preferred. For older books, use the ISBN-13 Online Converter.