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For the forum on the MTG Salvation site, see MTG Salvation (forum).
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MTG Salvation (MTGS) is a Magic: The Gathering website which focuses on Rumors and News.

MTGS is most known for its spoilers which generally come weeks in advance of the prerelease of any given set. These spoilers are generated in the Rumor Mill and originally came from the sources of rancored_elf. After the Hasbro v. Rutter lawsuit, Hydrokinesis, Hunter, and urzassedatives became the main collaborators.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The site also features daily articles, a wiki, a Radar of Magic-related websites, as well as one of the more active Magic forums online.

History[edit | edit source]

Main article: MTG Salvation/History

MTGS Wiki[edit | edit source]

MTGS Wiki.png
Main article: MTGS Wiki

Names and naming[edit | edit source]

MTG Salvation vs. MTGSalvation[edit | edit source]

Officially, the website is known as MTG Salvation; but MTGSalvation is a suitably interchangeable name.

Hmm, I think "officially" it's MTGSalvation and MTGS where it doesn't fit, but on the front page it's MTG Salvation and also everywhere in the forums... :)

So take your pick ;) —Hannes[1]

MTGSally[edit | edit source]

"MTGSally" (also "MTG Sally" and simply "Sally") is a common nickname for MTG Salvation. The term was coined by sneakyhomunculus on 11 December, 2005, in this post.

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