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Lorwyn concept artwork for kithkin.

Kithkin are a quick and agile race of small humanoids, mostly associated with white mana. The first card to bear the type was Amrou Kithkin in Legends.


[edit] Description

Kithkin are humanoid or elf-like creatures [1] [2] that are predominantly associated with white mana;[3] however, kithkin have been shown to be associated with green, blue and red mana, albeit always secondarily. [3]

Originally, kithkin were to be called hobbits, which is reflected via the common phenotypic characteristic of their short stature and hairy feet; however, so as to avoid conflict with the estate of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit author J. R. R. Tolkien, the name of these creatures were changed from hobbits to kithkin. This origin story of the kithkin creature type name has been confirmed by the illustrator of the inaugural kithkin, Amrou Kithkin, Quinton Hoover. [4]

Early conceptual illustrations of kithkin, illustrated by Steve Prescott.

Initially, in the concepting stage of Lorwyn, kithkin were depicted in artwork as more monstrous, more closely resembling humanoid rats; however, they became closer in appearance to the humans that they were replacing in the block.[5] Generally, kithkin are fair-skinned and have notably exaggerated noses and ears, and otherwise unremarkable physical features.

Kithkin value "community, simplicity, and forthrightness"[1] and are "quick, agile, and highly cooperative in battle".[1] Although no more than 4'5" tall, they are taller than dwarves, hobbits, and halflings.[1] Furthermore, culturally, they are different from hobbits, as kithkin do not "have an unusual fondness for 'pipe-weed' or ale, they don't go barefoot or burst into song more than other races, and they don't take particular pride in their beards or gardens".[1]

Fittingly, as community-oriented creatures, the creature type name may be formed from or influenced by the archaic English term "kith and kin", which is a term for friends and family.[2]

[edit] Kithkin by plane

[edit] Dominarian kithkin

The kithkin of Dominaria once lived in an idyllic country called Amrou Haven, but after the Apocalypse, their home was destroyed. The kithkin remained in their ancestral home, seeking out a meager existence as nomads on the dusty salt plains of the ruined paradise. After the restoration of Dominaria, the kithkin set about the long task of restoring their homeland.

Dominarian kithkin resemble short humans more than anything else. They are about four-and-a-half feet tall; their distinguishing characteristics are their brown hair, large noses, and feet covered in light hair. Kithkin place great emphasis on community and are highly cooperative in battle, and are known for their simplicity and forthrightness. The kithkin of Dominaria do not have access to thoughtweft like their Lorwyn cousins.

[edit] Lorwyn–Shadowmoor Kithkin

[edit] Lorwyn Kithkin

The kithkin of Lorwyn are peaceful farmers, but are fierce warriors when provoked. Their society is based on a type of collective consciousness called the thoughtweft. The thoughtweft connects the kithkin by a kind of empathic web, allowing them to share their emotions and thoughts, making them very effective in battle cooperation. They are quite superstitious, and their magic is often powder-based. Everything that is of cultural importance, like stories and customs, are found in the Book of Kith and Kin. Kithkin knights and soldiers ride into battle on springjacks, which they also raise for their wool and meat.

Lorwyn kithkin society is centered around interrelated villages and towns called clachans. The head of a clachan is called a cenn, or mayor. Known clachans include Kinsbaile, Burrenton, Goldmeadow, and Cloverdell. Gaddock Teeg is the cenn of Kinsbaile, whereas Deagan is the cenn of Burrenton, a clachan of smiths.

Physically, Lorwyn kithkin are shorter than their Dominarian counterparts, with stout bodies and thick limbs. Their faces are round and almost pumpkin-like, with highly expressive features.

[edit] Shadowmoor Kithkin

After the Great Aurora changed the idyllic plane of Lorwyn into the fearful world of Shadowmoor, the kithkin became furtive creatures with oversized white eyes or gold with no pupils. The mindweft (the name that the thoughtweft receives in Shadowmoor) that once bound them together in comforting harmony now linked them all in a state of constant paranoia; they are obsessed with conformity and fear anyone not like themselves. Their rustic clachans became armed fortresses called douns where the kithkin huddled together like rats in a corner, barely keeping the horrors of Shadowmoor at bay.

Some douns seem to be more paranoid than others (fearing even leaving their own houses alone), while others have lone scouts that watch the area.

Like their Lorwyn culture, they can also have a designated Hero who is empowered by the mindweft.

The kithkin of Shadowmoor were the creators of huge inanimate scarecrows, though they became animated for unknown reasons and they lost control of these malignant constructs.

[edit] Notable Kithkin

[edit] Tribal - Kithkin

Lorwyn block featured two Tribal - Kithkin cards, which could be fetched by Kithkin Harbinger:

[edit] Kithkin tokens

1/1 white Kithkin Soldier creature tokens are produced by:

[edit] Notes

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