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Type: Triggered
Introduced: Lorwyn
Last Used: Lorwyn
Reminder Text: This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.
Statistics: 5 cards, 100% Land
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Hideaway is a triggered keyword ability. It was introduced in Lorwyn, in which it features on a horizontal cycle of rare lands.

From the Comprehensive Rules (Khans of Tarkir)

  • 702.74. Hideaway
    • 702.74a Hideaway represents a static ability and a triggered ability. “Hideaway” means “This permanent enters the battlefield tapped” and “When this permanent enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library. Exile one of them face down and put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order. The exiled card gains ‘Any player who has controlled the permanent that exiled this card may look at this card in the exile zone.’”


(Citations needed)

  • When a land with hideaway enters the battlefield under your control, you must look at the top four cards of your library and you must exile one of them. If there are fewer than four cards in your library, you look at all of them and (unless your library has no cards in it at all) exile one.
  • The exiled card can be looked at by the player who currently controls the hideaway land, as well as by any player who previously controlled that land. The player who controls the activated ability is the player who can play the exiled card. It doesn't matter who owns the exiled card or who exiled it.
  • If the land with hideaway leaves the battlefield, no one can look at the exiled card anymore. (dubious - see talk)
  • Each Lorwyn land with hideaway also has an activated ability that allows you to play the exiled card if certain conditions are met. This ability refers only to the card exiled with the hideaway ability.
  • The land's last ability allows you to play the exiled card as part of the resolution of that ability. Timing restrictions based on the card's type are ignored (for instance, if it's a creature or sorcery). Other play restrictions are not (such as "Play [this card] only during combat").
  • If the removed card is a land, you may play it as a result of the last ability only if it's your turn and you haven't already played a land that turn. This counts as your land play for the turn.
  • If you are unable to play the exiled card due to these or other restrictions (such as having no legal targets for a spell), nothing happens when the land's activated ability resolves, and the card remains exiled face down. You can try to play it later by activating the ability again.
  • If you play a card "without paying its mana cost" (as the last ability says), you can't pay any alternative costs (such as those from evoke or morph). On the other hand, if the card has additional costs, you may pay those.
  • If you play the land's activated ability and an effect causes you to lose control of the land in response, you can still play the exiled card as the ability resolves.
  • If the card exiled with hideaway has been played or has otherwise left the exile zone, playing the hideaway land's last ability will have no effect.


  • Mosswort Bridge
    Hideaway (This land enters the battlefield tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, exile one face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.)
    Tap.gif: Add Manag.gif to your mana pool.
    Manag.gif, Tap.gif: You may play the exiled card without paying its mana cost if creatures you control have total power 10 or greater.

In other languages[edit]

Language or script Title Romanization
25 25
Укрытие Ukry’tie
(GOST 2002)
秘匿 Hitoku
Simplified Chinese
掩蔽 Yǎnbì
Traditional Chinese
25 25 25
掩蔽 Jim2 bai3