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Grixis is one of five shards of Alara. It is primarily black-aligned, with blue and red as secondary colors. [1] [2] Grixis is a world of death, darkness, undead, hatred, envy, and a lot of other things. Due to the predominance of undeath, it is possible to find undead versions of Bant's leotaus and Jund's viashinos in Grixis. Before Grixis split off from the mega-plane of Alara, things were different. White and green mana still flourished there. The land was called Vithia, a white-aligned empire of humans and other races, a land proud of its dynasty of wise and honorable monarchs. [3]


Grixis features a vast wasteland known as the Dregscape which is dominated by demons, horrors, necromancers and other forms of undead. [4] The few living humans take shelter in hidden cities known as hermitages while the mutated ogres, known as incurables, dwell high in the mountains. The kathari occupy the islands out to sea.

The mages of Grixis hunt for the ultimate powers to conquer all others. They also harvest a strange gas-like material called "Vis," which is how they hang on to Grixis's small traces of life. The undead of Grixis live in the hellish landscape. They live (un-live?) there and rot to death, then rise again. There is no order, yet things are not as wild as in Jund, for without green and with blue, things are more controlled and not completely designed around instinct.

Notable locations[edit]

  • Boneheaps, the dumping grounds of the Kathari.
  • Dregscape, a swamp of decaying corpses.
  • Droning Isles, the massive hives of banewasps.
  • Kederekt, a necropolis of undead-afflicted, half-sunken manor houses near a greasy sea.
  • Sedraxis, once the shining capital of Vithia, now the greatest necropolis on the plane.
  • Torchlight, the greatest hermitage of living beings.
  • Unx, a necropolis most well known for the massive dragon skeleton that circles the city. It was once a grand stadium.


When the Conflux hit the shards, the life energies of green and white mana flooded into Grixis. The process of harvesting vis was disrupted, and the creatures became fueled with energy by the power of the life that was coming in. They invaded the nearby planes, turning dead soldiers into new undead of their own. Meanwhile, the great Dragon, Nicol Bolas, had already disrupted the other shards, and the plane fell into chaos. It has become part of the New Alara, and cults of demon worship have risen all across the new landscape, with the most notable being dedicated to Nefarox.

Notable inhabitants[edit]


  • Grixis is the ancient Vithian word for traitor.


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