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In Magic: The Gathering, Golems are artificial life-forms created through magic, typically with powerstones being used to provide them with energy. [1] The first creature to bear the type Golem was Obsianus Golem from Alpha, though he only gained the subtype first in Sixth Edition.


Golems are usually humanoid in shape, although they are often much larger than a human and occasionally have additional limbs to help them perform their tasks. Golems can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common ones are made of metal or stone due to their strength and malleability. Golems are generally created to perform a specific purpose that would be inconvenient, difficult or impossible for a wizard to do, such as carrying heavy objects, working in dangerous environments or engaging in physical combat.

Types of Golems[edit]

Dominarian Golems[edit]

==Sardian Colossi[edit]

Enormous Golems created as protectors of the Sardian Mountains [2]

Dragon Attendants[edit]

The Attendants served each of the Primeval Dragons and were designed to help awaken them (for example, Rith's Attendant.)

Hollow Warriors[edit]

Hollow Warriors were used by the Keldons during their invasion of Jamuraa. They were powered using the life-force of living beings, but could only be used for a short time before the warrior powering them became fatigued.

Thran Golems[edit]

Thran Golems were amongst the most ancient forms of golem. They served as an inspiration for the young Urza, who copied their design and then used it as a basis for his more advanced golems. When Urza was duelling with Gerrard in Phyrexia, he created a number of golems that he brought to life by inscribing them with the word EMETH, meaning “truth” in the Thran language.[3]

Mirrodin Golems[edit]


  • The Ur-Golems were an ancient civilisation of golems, created by Karn in his image, that lived on Mirrodin before the plane was taken over by Memnarch, who sent them to fight the mycosynth plague that eventually eradicated them. They are now only known through their etchings.

Ravnican Golems[edit]

Glass Golems[edit]

Glass Golems were created by the Izzet. They are powerful, but very fragile.

Transguild Couriers[edit]

Transguild Couriers were used by all of the guilds to relay messages between the guild leaders as they avoid face-to-face contact, but are immune to bribery and threats.

Walking Archives[edit]

Walking Archives were used by the Azorius Senate as a combination of a librarian and a library itself.

Notable Golems[edit]

  • Boom was the nickname of a golem who was used by Captain Hask and his men. He fought with them against dragon Zumaki.
  • Bosh was an iron golem from Mirrodin who accompanied Glissa Sunseeker.
  • Karn was a silver golem created by Urza. He served aboard the Weatherlight and was part of the Legacy. Following the Legacy Weapon's use, Karn became a planeswalker and created the plane of Argentum, later known as Mirrodin.
  • Memnarch was the overseer left in charge of Argentum in Karn's absence. He became mad, converted Argentum into Mirrodin and attempted to become a planeswalker.
  • Malil, Memnarch's personal assistant

Golem tokens[edit]

3/3 colorless Golem Artifact Creature tokens are produced by:

9/9 colorless Golem Artifact Creature tokens are produced by:

5/5 colorless Golem Artifact Creature tokens are produced by:

Golem manlands and artifacts[edit]

Colorless Golem artifact ceatures are created by:

Notes and references[edit]

  1. As opposed to constructs powered by mechanical means, for whom the term automaton would be more applicable. However, there is some degree of ambiguity between these terms in the game.
  2. Magic Arcana. (July 30, 2007.) "Colossus of the Sardian Range", Daily MTG,, Wizards of the Coast.
  3. Although Emeth is called a Thran word in the books, it is in fact a Hebrew word. This ties in with the mythological origins of golems.