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Birthplace Thraben, Innistrad
Lifetime ~Unknown
Race Human,
Sources Preview Article: Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
Birthplace Thraben, Innistrad
Lifetime ~Unknown
Race Human
Sources Preview Article: Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

Gisa and Geralf are two rival sibling necromancers from Innistrad, both quite insane. Geralf is blue aligned "stitcher", stitching together new zombie designs from various body parts while his sister Gisa is black aligned, resurrecting the dead directly from their graves.

The siblings were scions of a noble family and distant relatives of the current Lunarch Mikaeus.[1] They were banished from Thraben in a hushed scandal and have since moved to the Moorland, where they wage war against one another by raising armies of undead. Their battles have prompted many of the Moorland's inhabitants to move to the Nearheath, leaving the area even more desolate than before. Now, marauding ghouls range freely through the moors, lost playthings in the mad, epic battles of Gisa and Geralf.[fact? citation needed]

Geralf had taken over Trostad, most likely massacring the inhabitants that didn't flee. He is known to have grand ambitions while his sister is far less formal and driven by her whims. For example, Gisa has attacked Trostad in the past simply to best her brother.[fact? citation needed]

Later on the two would plan on waging a war against one another. Geralf had tried to set formal rules, named The Five Laws of NecroWarfare:

  • No spontaneous awakenings.
  • No luring, killing, and raising of bystanders or livestock.
  • Combatants face off at a predetermined place and time.
  • Combatants must have at least three limbs to play.
  • Headquarters are off limits.

Gisa however would have none of this and considered all was free game, frequently defying Geralf's rules if only to infuriate her brother. The engagement was called off when Geralf decided to invade Thraben and invited Gisa along. Geralf sneaked into the city before the attack to kill Mikaeus. Later he met up with Liliana, who shortly thereafter brought Mikaeus back as a zombie. Gisa was left with tending to the siege, having gained control of Geralf's Skaabs along with her own conventional undead. The army broke the outer wall of the city before being pushed back by fire, causing Gisa to abandon the siege.

Geralf is the creator and master of the zombie Grimgrin, named such in honor of his sister's face.[1]

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