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Faeries are winged humanoid creatures of diminutive size (sometimes a foot in height or smaller) that are renowned for being great lovers of mischief. Faeries exist through the multiverse, but the most notable faeries are those of Alara (specifically in Esper), Lorwyn, Ulgrotha, and the Dominarian island of Tolaria.

The first creature to bear the type was Scryb Sprites from Alpha. Faeries are related to ouphes.


Notable Faeries[edit]

Tribal - Faerie[edit]

Lorwyn block featured five Tribal - Faerie cards, which could be fetched by Faerie Harbinger:

Faerie tokens[edit]

1/1 Faerie Creature tokens with flying are produced by:

Faerie manlands[edit]

Faeries are also created by:



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