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An elemental is a sentient being composed of elemental energy. The most common varieties are those of the classical elements, expressing themselves as Air Elementals, Fire Elementals, Earth Elementals, and Water Elementals. These appeared as a cycle in Alpha. [1] Many more exotic manifestations have also been created, such as elementals of lightning, thorns, fungus, rust and even time. [2]

Alaran Elementals[edit | edit source]

Before the Conflux, they inhabited exclusively in Jund and were characterized as violent beings that spawned from areas of it. But, afterwards they have began to appear in other shards such as Grixis and Naya; Fusion elemental represents a byproduct of the Conflux.

Lorwyn–Shadowmoor Elementals[edit | edit source]

The dual plane of Lorwyn–Shadowmoor possesses two main types of native elementals: the humanoid flamekin/cinders, living beings made of stone and fire, are similar to elementals on other planes. Greater elementals, however, embody not physical elements but the mental concepts. Being an elemental on Lorwyn means being a hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the living magic of an idea, thought, or dream. [3] [4]

Flamekin[edit | edit source]

Flamekin (no connection to the flame-kin of Ravnica) are elementals similar in size and shape to humans. Living in the mountains of Lorwyn, they are a passionate race of warriors and shamans who focus their inner flames into weapons in battle. Flamekin are sworn enemies of the elves, who use their treefolk servants to suppress the flamekin and confine them to their mountain homes.

Flamekin resemble humans made of smooth, living black stone with four-fingered hands and horned faces with graceful features; their inner fires blaze through their crowns, joints, and shoulders. Flamekin can control their flames, allowing them to wear textiles and safely interact with non-flamekin.

At some point during the set's early design stage, flamekin were referred to as "salamands,"[5] after the belief among medieval alchemists that salamanders were beings of elemental fire.[6]

Cinders[edit | edit source]

Cinders are the same beings as the Flamekin of Lorwyn. As their name suggests many of the cinders have lost their ability to hold a constant flame making them walking skeletal, smoky remains.[7] According to their legend, the cinders' flames were taken long ago by a traitor known as the Extinguisher, and due to this they have become very bitter. Most cinders want the entire world to suffer as much as they do and thus they attempt to sow chaos and destruction until nothing good remains. Due to the loss of their fire they are extremely jealous of species that still use it, and if fire is spotted by a cinder it will attack ferociously in an attempt to claim the fire for its own.

Greater Elementals[edit | edit source]

Greater elementals are the living embodiments of the abstract mental ideas and concepts dreamed by the people, such as vigor, hostility, and guile. [8] Vastly different in form from other worlds' elementals, the greater elementals take the form of bizarre combinations of natural animals, many of colossal size. [9] They are nonsentient beasts that pursue their own simple needs with little concern for Lorwyn's tribal conflicts. Greater elementals may be born in the Primal Beyond.

Maro-Sorcerers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Maro-Sorcerers

A Maro-Sorcerer, also known as a Force of Nature, is the manifestation of the land, either brought about by strong magic, or of nature’s own will. They are found across many worlds, though most known Maro-Sorcerers dwelt on Dominaria.

Ravnican Elementals[edit | edit source]

Elementals are found throughout the city-plane of Ravnica. Most Ravnican elementals are bestial in intelligence, form, and ecological niche, though some distinct races of sentient, humanoid elementals exist on the plane as well.

Cytospawn[edit | edit source]

Cytospawn are huge humanoid elementals created by the Simic Combine, comprised of living cytoplast. They may be derived from root-kin stock.

Flame-Kin[edit | edit source]

Passionate zealots loyal to the cause of the Boros Legion, these flame-kin (no relation to the flamekin of Lorwyn) are fire elementals that have been blessed by the Boros Angels. Flame-kin eventually dissipate, like wildfires without any oxygen or fuel, as their power and existence burn out when a battle or war is finished. Flame-kin are strengthened by magic; though formidable on their own, the application of enchantments grants them devastating power.

Flame-kin resemble humans made of solid, blazing flame. They wear only black armor made by guild smiths.

Forgelings[edit | edit source]

Forgelings are large, demonic-looking, vaguely humanoid elementals made of living rock and magma. They are used by to power the city's furnaces.

Guardians of Vitu-Ghazi[edit | edit source]

Created to guard the Selesnya city-tree, guardians of Vitu-Ghazi are giant-sized elementals of wood and rock made from living trees and green Selesnya crystal.

Root-Kin[edit | edit source]

A race of powerful warriors, root-kin are associated with the Selesnya Conclave and Simic Combine. They are hulking humanoid creatures made of thick, twisting green plant roots. Simic root-kin are often covered in strength-enhancing cytoplasts.

Weirds[edit | edit source]

Weirds are a combination of opposing elements; for example, a combination of fire and water elementals. Weirds were created by Niv-Mizzet during the Katazar-Razblat Elemental Symposium. The dragon, bored with the squabbling of the various elementalists, combined opposing elements to create the paradoxical creatures. The weirds have come to be the ubiquitous lab assistants to the Izzet League, as well as becoming magically bound into a great many forms of machinery and infrastructure to insure proper workings and efficiency.

Weirds tend to be constructed with vaguely humanoid forms, their "skin" being self-sealed "plasmodermic bubbles" containing the diametrically-opposing energies that give them life. Different types of weirds include petrahydroxes (created from living stone as well as fire and water), gelectrodes (created to conduct electricity), and steamcore weirds (the basic type, used to power Izzet machinery).

Wood-Kin[edit | edit source]

Associated with the Gruul Clans, wood-kin are plantlike elementals that share the ferocious nature of their guildmates. They resemble gnarled tree trunks with humanoid heads and limbs. Older wood-kin petrify as they age.

Woodwraiths[edit | edit source]

Woodwraiths are hideous creatures of wood and slime that reproduce by corrupting the land, spreading its genes via black sap into natural fibers. They are used by the Golgari Swarm. The Simic studied woodwraiths as part of their research to create their cytoplasts.

Notable Elementals[edit | edit source]

Elemental Lord[edit | edit source]

Tribal - Elemental[edit | edit source]

Lorwyn block featured four Tribal - Elemental cards, which could be fetched by Flamekin Harbinger and are made cheaper by Brighthearth Banneret.

Elemental tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source
Elemental Black/Red Creature - Elemental 5/5
Blue Creature - Elemental 1/0
Blue Creature - Elemental 2/2 Flying
Blue/Red Creature - Elemental 5/5 Flying
Green Creature - Elemental 2/2
Green Creature - Elemental 3/3
Green Creature - Elemental 4/4
Green Creature - Elemental 5/3
Green Creature - Elemental 7/7 Trample
Green Creature - Elemental X/X
Green/White Creature - Elemental 8/8 Vigilance
Green/White Creature - Elemental */* This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.
Red Creature - Elemental 1/1 Haste
Red Creature - Elemental 1/1
Red Creature - Elemental 3/1
Red Creature - Elemental 3/1 Haste
Red Enchantment Creature - Elemental 3/1 Haste
Red Creature - Elemental 3/1 Trample, haste
Red Creature - Elemental 3/3
Red Creature - Elemental 7/1 Trample, haste
Red Creature - Elemental X/X
Red/Green Creature - Elemental 5/5
White Creature - Elemental 4/4 Flying
named Ashaya, the Awoken World
Green Legendary Creature - Elemental 4/4
named Lightning Rager
Red Creature - Elemental 5/1 Trample, haste, and "At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice this creature."
named Spark Elemental
Red Creature - Elemental 3/1 Trample, haste
At the beginning of the end step, sacrifice Spark Elemental.
Elemental Cat Red Creature - Elemental Cat 1/1 Haste
Elemental Shaman Red Creature - Elemental Shaman 3/1
Red Creature - Elemental Shaman 3/1 Haste

Elemental creators[edit | edit source]

Elementals are also created by:

Creature Update[edit | edit source]

Creature types changed into Elemental include:

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