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Set symbol
DIS symbol.png
Design team
Aaron Forsythe (lead)
Mark Gottlieb
Brandon Bozzi
Mark Rosewater
Development team
Matt Place (lead)
Mark Rosewater
Brian Schneider
Steve Warner
Release date
May 5, 2006
Themes and mechanics
Guild System,
Hybrid mana,
Multicolored cards,
Split cards
Keywords and/or ability words
Set size
(60 commons, 60 uncommons, 60 rares)
Expansion code
Development code name
Ravnica block sets
Ravnica: City of Guilds Guildpact Dissension
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Guildpact Dissension Coldsnap

Dissension is the thirty-eighth Magic: The Gathering expansion, and was released in May 2006 as the third and final set of the Ravnica block.


[edit] Set details

Dissension contains 180 black-bordered cards (55 rare, 55 uncommon, and 55 commons) — 15 more than normal for a small set — to make room for a reappearance of the of the popular split card mechanic originally from Invasion and Apocalypse. [1] The prerelease events for this set were held on April 22-23, 2006. [2] [3] Its expansion symbol is meant to be a variation on the wrought-ironwork shown in the Guildpact symbol, but broken to reflect the disintegration of the Guildpact spell. Like the Guildpact symbol, it has three “branches” to evoke its three guilds. [4] Guildpact expanded on the Ravnica block themes of multicolor and hybrid, adding the last three new guilds to the environment (The Azorius Senate (white/blue), the Cult of Rakdos (black/red) and the Simic Combine (green/blue). [5] [6]

[edit] Marketing

Dissension was sold in 15-card boosters, three preconstructed theme decks and a fat pack. The decks and the fat pack contained a Pro Tour Players Card. The booster packs featured artwork from Isperia the Inscrutable, Lyzolda, the Blood Witch and Cytoplast Root-Kin. The prerelease card fittingly was the foil alternate art Avatar of Discord. The release card was Azorius Guildmage. The set was accompanied by the novel of the same name by Cory Herndon.

[edit] Storyline

Main article: Dissension (novel)

The streets of Ravnica run red with blood. Guild fights guild and horrifying monsters ravage the city, destroying all who stand in their way. But as Ravnica crumbles, a method emerges from the madness, and it becomes clear that the city's chaos was calculated. [7] Something must be done. And unfortunately for Kos, being dead doesn't mean you don't have a job to do. The Guildpact's spell is finally broken when he publically arrests Szadek, exposing him and House Dimir to the public.

[edit] Mechanics and themes

Dissension continued the guild model and introduced the final three two-color guilds, two with a new keyword and one with an ability word. The guilds and associated mechanics are as follows:

Guild Colors Guild symbol
Guild leader
Keyword or ability word
Azorius Senate Manawu.gif
Ravnica block Azorius Senate crest
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV [8] Forecast [9] [10]
Simic Combine Managu.gif
Ravnica block Simic Combine crest
Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Graft [11]
Cult of Rakdos Manabr.gif
Ravnica block Cult of Rakdos crest
Rakdos the Defiler Hellbent
  • Split cards: there are 10 gold split cards representing some combinations of the other guilds of Ravnica. The allied color guilds are represented in uncommon split cards, whereas the enemy color guilds are represented in rare split cards. [12] [13]
  • Protection: Dissension expanded on the protection ability by introducing "protection from monocolored" and "protection from multicolored".

[edit] Creature types

The following creature types are introduced in this expansion: Construct.

The following creature types are used in this expansion but also appear in previous sets: Advisor, Archer, Assassin, Avatar, Basilisk, Beast, Berserker, Bird, Cat, Centaur, Cleric, Demon, Devil, Djinn, Dragon, Druid, Elemental, Elf, Faerie, Frog, Gargoyle, Goblin, Golem, Griffin, Horror, Hydra, Imp, Knight, Leviathan, Lizard, Mutant, Ogre, Ooze, Pegasus, Plant, Rat, Rogue, Scout, Shade, Shaman, Snake, Soldier, Sphinx, Spirit, Soldier, Thrull, Troll, Vedalken, Viashino, Warrior, Wizard, Worm, Zombie.

[edit] Cycles

For cycles that are part of the guild mega cycles, see Ravnica block#Mega cycles.

Dissension has three cycles:

[edit] Pairs

[edit] Mirrored pairs

  • Skeins: Vision Skeins and Delirium Skeins are an instant and sorcery, respectively, which affect the hand size of all players equally. Vision Skeins causes all players to draw two cards, while Delirium Skeins forces all players to discard three. Both are significantly undercosted relative to their targeted equivalents. Both are also mirrored in the artwork being the same scene, but seen from two different angles and in two different moments. Vision Skeins is the "before" moment and Delirium Skeins is the "after" moment.

[edit] Reprinted cards

The following cards have been reprinted from previous sets and included in Dissension.

[edit] Notable cards

[edit] Preconstructed decks

In Dissension there were three guilds so there are just three theme decks instead of the standard number; four. The preconstructed theme decks are:

Theme deck name
Colors included
White Blue Black Red Green
Azorius Ascendant
Simic Mutology
Rakdos Bloodsport

[edit] External links

[edit] References

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