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A booster pack is a sealed package of random Magic cards, designed to add to a player's collection. They have a fixed distribution based on rarity. A regular booster pack, depending on the expansion set, contains 8 to 16 cards of that set.

A Booster Pack Box consists of 36 booster packs. A Booster Case consists of 6 boxes or 216 booster packs.

An Antiquities booster pack
Fourth Edition Booster Pack

Contents and cost[edit]

Over the years booster packs have grown in size and cost:

The latest expansion set's booster pack retails for $3.95US.

Non-regular boosters[edit]

Six card boosters[edit]

Conflux 6-card booster

Conflux was the first set to be sold in 6-card booster packs containing a tips/token card, 1 land, 3 commons, 1 uncommon, and 1 slot that had an equal chance of being rare/mythic, uncommon, or common. These packs are exclusively available from Gravity Feeds. [3] These could be found at mass-market retailers like Target and Walmart. 6-card boosters were at least available up until Dragons Maze. They seem to have been abandoned for Magic 2014, Theros block and further sets.

Demogame boosters[edit]

Free 24-card Demogame boosters were available for several starter-level sets and Core Sets.

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Sample Packs[edit]

Free 10-card Sample Packs were available for several starter-level sets and Core Sets. 6-card Sample Packs were given available for Duels of the Planeswalkers-users.

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Planar Chaos blister pack
Magic 2013 booster sleeve

Fourth Edition was the first Core Set, and Ice Age the first expansion, with packs made of foil wrappers and the first with artwork on the wrappers.

From the Time Spiral block on, Booster packs could be sold in blister packs. A blister pack is putting plastic and a cardboard backing around the booster pack, this is somewhat of a theft-deterrent and adds the possiblity of hanging the boosters on pegs. This kind of packing can add cost to the booster pack. Blister packs can hold one, two, or three booster packs. Starting with Magic 2013, the blister packs were replaced with cardboard booster sleeves. [4]

Unique packages[edit]

  • The Ravnica block has been sold as a "perfect for draft" piece. This includes one booster of Ravnica, Dissension, and Guildpact, and a spindown life counter. Retail price: US$11.99.
  • An "Extreme Value Package" contains 2 booster packs and 8 "bonus cards" repacked into a blister pack. The "bonus cards" can be any rarity cards including lands and foreign cards from any expansion or limited edition set. Retail price: US$7.99 (which is .01 more than the cost of 2 booster packs). More modern versions of a repack package instead include three booster packs and replace the "bonus cards" with the "Resale" promotional foil card.
  • The Alara Premium Foil Booster pack contained fifteen foil, black-bordered cards from Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn. It was released on January 8th, 2010 at an MSRP of $11.99. [5]


A Mirage booster pack
Magic 2011 Booster Pack
A Gatecrash booster pack
A Chronicles booster pack

Core sets[edit]

Expert-level early sets[edit]

Expert-level block expansion sets[edit]

Compilation Sets[edit]


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