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Booster box promo cards (or Buy-a-box promos) are cards given away for purchasing a booster box at certain local stores. They are foil cards with alternate art, and bear the five mana symbols arranged in a circle as a watermark.


[edit] List

The following table is a list of booster box promo cards:

Card Set Date
Honor of the Pure Magic 2010 June 30, 2009[1]
Day of Judgment Zendikar September 11, 2009[2]
Celestial Colonnade Worldwake January 21, 2010[3]
Guul Draz Assassin Rise of the Eldrazi April 10, 2010[4]
Birds of Paradise Magic 2011 July 02, 2010[5]
Memoricide Scars of Mirrodin September 22, 2010[6]
Mirran Crusader Mirrodin Besieged January 24, 2011[7]
Surgical Extraction New Phyrexia April 27, 2011[8]
Chandra's Phoenix Magic 2012 July 8, 2011[9]
Devil's Play Innistrad October 1, 2011
Gravecrawler Dark Ascension February 4, 2012
Silverblade Paladin Avacyn Restored May 4, 2012[10]
Cathedral of War Magic 2013 July 13, 2012[11]
Supreme Verdict Return to Ravnica October 5, 2012[12]
Nightveil Specter Gatecrash February 1, 2013[13]
Render Silent Dragon's Maze May 3, 2013[14]
Ratchet Bomb Magic 2014 July 19, 2013[15]
Sylvan Caryatid Theros September 27, 2013[16]
Fated Conflagration Born of the Gods Feb 7, 2014[17]

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